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Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon Review

You might not think you need a first class racing shoe, but with the Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon you’ll find it difficult to stop yourself from buying a pair. Ok, they might not be the cheapest cycling shoes on the planet but with one good reason….they some complete with a feeling of ‘something special’!

The technology that Sidi focus on apparently help you cycle faster and this is apparent when testing the Ergo 2 Carbon. We didn’t do any timings but wow, you certainly feel faster. From the first moment you pick them up you instantly feel the quality of the materials and construction. It is no surprise that Sidi cycling shoes have a reputation for durability and their long lifespan. When you consider how many spares commonly available on the market the Sidi Ergo 2′s are set to last a lifetime after purchase.

Their new adjustable heel security system prevents heel lift, and in turn helps you keep power going in the direction intended. Their phenomenal ratchet, Techno 2 and high scurity strap also keep your feet focused on the task in hand without dropping ANY comfort.