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How to Choose Proper Cycling Shoes

Deciding which pair of cycling shoes to buy isn’t always easy which is why we love this video. It describes all the considerations you need to make before parting with your cash.

With many types of shoes available, it is important to pick the right kind for you. Learn how to choose proper cycling shoes in this video.
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19 Responses to “How to Choose Proper Cycling Shoes”

  1. azt3c says:

    he forgot Thriathlon shoes, the main difference is that you can get in and out of them quicker than road shoes.

    and i’m not sure if there is a special kind for TT bikes, are they like a boot or something ?

  2. forrest751 says:

    what one shod i get with a trek 8 series mt bike?

  3. MrErreONE says:

    Perfect good video thanks

  4. bigcadder says:

    they are Shimano MT41 SPD shoes

  5. rj269269 says:

    does anybody know the brand of shoe he last showed at the end?

  6. SurfChick364 says:

    hevie stirdier lol

  7. SurfChick364 says:

    umm well if you sit down hold your leg under your knee so the bottom of you leg is hanging then if it hangs to the right then move the cleat slightly left and vice versa do that with both legs and if the same thing happens then try to losen the shoe a bit but not too lose

  8. bicyclelab says:

    Likley the size is not right and or you need a supportive foot bed.

  9. bicyclelab says:

    Your feet should not go numb! Do you have full support under your foot? The insoles that come in cycling shoes are in sufficient for most people. Also the shoe should be fairly snug before you tighten the straps. If not you will likely crank the straps too tight to get that secure feeling.
    Cleat position may also need to be checked.

  10. golfnut20 says:

    You may have to move the cleat or it may be that they are too tight.

    However, keep in mind that you pretty much won’t find a shoe that won’t send your foot a bit numb or make it sore. Because you are constantly putting pressure on your feet with the shoes it is just logic that it will get a bit painful after a while.

  11. MrRainbow300 says:

    I just bought my first pair of bike shoes. They are shimano Mo86 they feel very comfortable when I tried them on and walk but after about five or six miles on the bike my feet go numb. Are they the wrong size or do I need to move the cleat ?

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