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Competitive Cycling : Competitive Cycling Shoes

You can’t really beat a good cycling shoes as the benefits outweigh themselves. This video explores exactly that topic with some good insight in to what to look for in your shoes.

Bicycle shoes that clip into your bike’s pedals will make your pedal stroke stronger and smoother. Learn how to pick shoes for competitive cycling and bicycle racing in thisfree online instructional sports video. Expert: Angela Dybdahl Bio: Angela Dybdahl has been an athlete and involved in sports most of her adult life. In this series, she will demonstrate how to compete in cycling both for women and men. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
Video Rating: 3 / 5

14 Responses to “Competitive Cycling : Competitive Cycling Shoes”

  1. tsara52 says:

    @theguy6933 No, they’ll pop out of the clips.

  2. theguy6933 says:

    what happens if you crash, will your feet still stick to the pedals?

  3. zmrt69 says:

    @maclovr Personally, I prefer the SpeedPlay Zeros. But, everybody has their favorite pedaling system.

  4. zmrt69 says:

    @kreternal LOL! Don’t be negative! I think this young lady could keep her audience entertained talking about nothing in particular. She has a gift and is applying it very effectively to educate newbie cyclists.

  5. JTMarlin8 says:

    @maclovr Yea so do about 1 million other people, what’s your point?

  6. bakersfield68 says:

    nice legs :-)

  7. maclovr says:

    hi im 15 and i have look pedals and specialized shoes

  8. kreternal says:

    Oh god it’s like 2 pieces of information stretched out unnecessarily into a minute and twenty seconds.

  9. enurit says:

    i am 13 and I have the shoes, most of the people on the team got them when they were 9 but i just got them when i was 12, but i did get a lot better since then

  10. yankeepedaler says:

    Hehehe She said more efficient stroke hehehe

  11. djsfilms1 says:

    yea, he should have them, there alot safer and more efficient than having the cages which i assume he has now, because in the cast of him crashing the shoes will come out of the pedal, where as with cages there locked in until you can take them out…

  12. TheJohnCitizen says:

    cyclingshoeguide . com

  13. natz1234 says:

    my boy 11 rides 50 mile sessions surly tho clips are not recomended someone his age

  14. morry32 says:

    Was she breathing hard after moving her feet around for 20 seconds?

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